Weddings, anniversaries

Birthdays, weddings, anniversaries on other events.

The premises of Saku Manor can be rented for hosting various events. Weddings, birthday parties, and other festive events – we can assist you with organising the event, programme planning, entertainment, and sound and lightning.

The Classical Ballroom (90 m2) with its large columns and two lounges (36 m2 and 37 m2) is the perfect venue for festive celebrations. The Palm Tree Hall (65 m2) next door offers additional options. The Ballroom of the Saku Manor seats up to 100 people around round tables. With smaller groups, there is also enough room for a dance group and it is possible to hold the party in one hall only. With larger groups, the Palm Tree Hall can be used for dancing and round tables can also be placed in the lounge area.

The cosy Gentleman’s Lounge, Cognac Lounge, and restaurant are suitable for smaller gatherings.

Price list

Room   Price per hour Price per day (7h) Additional information
Ballroom 145 eur/h 870 eur Ballroom 90m2 + two lounges 2 x 36m2
Palm Tree Hall 75 eur/h 450 eur 65m2
Gentleman’s Lounge

Cognac Lounge

60 eur/h 360 eur 34m2, suitable for smaller gatherings,appr. 20 persons .
Seminar room 50 eur/h 300 eur 73m2
Restoran 48 seats,

Reservations are

requested separately.

* The prices shown in the table are only valid
if all catering services are ordered from
Saku Manor!