Õllespaa is open only if previously booked.

The tradition of the BeerSPA goes back to ancient times. First spas appeared in prehistoric Egypt and China, where hot springs were used for personal hygiene and treating ailments. The first written records of beer spas date back about 2000 years.

What is a beer bath?

A beer bath contains the ingredients of natural beer extracts in which the visitors can bathe: beer yeast, hops, and malt flour. The BeerSPA of the Saku Manor offers the relaxing beer bath treatment in two separate rooms of the spa. In one room, we have two 2-person baths and it is suitable for smaller groups; in the other room, we have a beer bath for six bathers. The facilities also include a sauna, a shower, a dressing room, and a furnished lounge with an oil burning stove.

What are the benefits of beer bath?

Bathing in an oak beer bath has a soothing and rejuvenating effect on the skin and muscles, and a healing effect on the whole body; it also helps to sweat out toxins, relieve stress, improve blood flow, and release tensions; in addition, it refreshes both the body and mind and nourishes the body with a rich complex of B vitamins, carbohydrates, and proteins. Due to the B vitamins in beer, consuming moderate amounts of beer is good for health and recommended. A beer bath is particularly useful for treating ailments, including back and joint pains, as well as skin problems such as psoriasis, acne, and cellulite.

What does a beer bath contain?

Our handcrafted oak beer bath contains pure water, yeast, malt flour, and hops, which have an antibacterial and exfoliating effect. Thanks to its unique components, the beer bath purifies the body.

Description of the beer treatment

The duration of the beer bath treatments is 1.5–2 hours, consisting of 2–3 parts: a pore-opening sauna session, 25 minutes of bathing in a beer bath, and 35 minutes of relaxation in our cozy fireplace hall. The consumption of drought beer (Saku Originaal, Blanc) during the stay is included in the price and depends on the guest’s request.

Bath for two

There are two baths next to each other in the small room of the BeerSPA for private get-togethers of couples or friends. One bath can be shared by two people if desired, allowing couples to enjoy closeness and intimacy. Because the baths are close to each other, bathing in separate baths is not a problem either. Privacy is guaranteed and you do not have to share the room with strangers.

Bath for six

The larger bath of the BeerSPA holds up to six people at a time and is designed for smaller groups. The bath is perfect for bachelor parties, birthdays, group events, and other fun get-togethers with friends. Larger groups (up to 10 people) can also book the entire spa.

Additional features:

  • Choice of different snack plates to complement Beer bath
  • Housing at Saku Manor