Saku Manor

Saku Manor (manor house) is among the best examples of neoclassical architecture in Estonia. The designer of the building is thought to be Carlo Rossi, one of the most famous architects of the time. Its rich decor and ceiling paintings from the 19th century make it one of the most beautiful manors in Estonia. The main building of the manor was built in 1820, and it has been a gem of the Saku rural municipality ever since.

Since 2003, Saku Manor operates as a seminar and recreation center. The manor is managed by AS Saku Maja.

The manor hosts many concerts and performances and rents rooms for both private and corporate clients for parties and other events. On average, the manor hosts about 150 events a year – including weddings, seminars, Christmas parties, concerts and performances, film shoots, music videos, etc.

There are two halls in the manor (the Ballroom and the Palm Tree Hall), two lounges (the Cognac Lounge and the Gentleman’s Lounge), a seminar room with a lobby, restaurant Von Sackenmeck (54 seats), 11 spacious hotel rooms with different interior designs (25 beds), and the BeerSPA with saunas.


Establishment of the Saku settlement and manor

The earliest known record of a manor in Saku is from 1489. The first document mentioning Saku Manor is an agreement whereby Hans Frese transferred the manor to his cousin Jürgen Muyssekese.

According to folk tales, the first manor house was located on a high hill in the middle of a marsh (now Kajamaa village), which was ruled by the estate owner Sack. The locals started calling the manor after its owner, adding the letter ‘u’ to the word to make it more convenient to pronounce – thus, the place was called SAKU.

Throughout the centuries, the buildings and lands of the Saku Manor have belonged to different estate owners and their families. According to different documents, more than ten families have owned the manor – including the Mekes, the Scharenbergs, the Hastferts, the Schumanns, the Huecks, and many others.

The history of Saku Manor

This manor house was built around 1820, when the estate was owned by Paul Eduard Rehbinder. The Rehbinder family was one of the richest families in the Governorate of Estonia and in addition to the magnificent Saku Manor on the banks of River Vääna, they also owned several other manors in Estonia, Finland, and Sweden. The Rehbinders owned the Saku Manor and its estates for nearly 80 years (1765–1843), but in 1843, they were forced to sell it to Rudolf von Patkul due to their ostentatious and wasteful lifestyle. The latter kept the manor as an investment for seven years and then sold it, at a large profit, to Carl von Baggehufwudt in 1850 whose successor Valerio was the last estate owner.

The Rehbinder era was a period of prosperity for the manor. At the time, manors would usually have 20 servants – Saku Manor had 69. At the turn of the 19th century, the manor consisted of seven stone buildings and 11 wooden buildings.

Friedrich Rehbinder, the father of Paul Eduard, the founder of the current manor house, is considered to have started the tradition of beer brewing in the area. The Saku Brewery, however, was founded by Valerio Baggehufwudt, who also enjoyed a successful reign. A 300-head herd of purebred East Friesian sheep, herd of pigs, large hen house, steam-powered dairy, two watermills, facilities for manufacturing and dyeing textiles, greenhouses, tavern, beer shop, and two pubs are a testament to this.

In 1905, as a result of riots, most of the manor’s auxiliary buildings were destroyed by fire. With the establishment of the Republic of Estonia, the estate was nationalized in 1919.

After World War I, Saku Manor has been used for many different purposes – it has housed a home economics school or a ‘bride school’, Uuemõisa Agricultural School (from 1944), Saku Technical College of Land Management and Soil Improvement (from 1948), Estonian Research Institute of Agriculture (from 1960), a kindergarten, Saku Municipality Government, and a library. It has also been used as an apartment building.

Since 2003, Saku Manor operates as a seminar and recreation center. The manor is managed by AS Saku Maja.

Services, health, and leisure

We offer a wide range of activities and services for both private and corporate clients. In addition, Saku Park and health trails provide a wide choice of leisure activities. There are also many exciting services offered by other companies operating in Saku: a gym and a pool (Saku Sports Complex), tasting events and tours at Saku Brewery and Brewhouse, beauty services (beauty salon Salongike), and much more.

Within 200 metres of the manor, there is an 18-basket disc golf course. Discs can be rented from the reception of the manor.

A visit to the BeerSPA – a relaxing experience for couples and groups of friends.

Restaurant Von Sackenmeck – a daily menu on workdays.


Popular TV show of Kanal 2 visited our BeerSPA.