Restoran Von Sackenmeck is open for daily meals.

It is possible to pre-order daily meals and takeaway.

We offer daily menu on workdays from Mon – Fri 11:30 to 14:00

Lõunamenüü 06.07-10.07.2020


Supp: Porgandi-selleri kreemsupp lumekrabiga 2,20
Praad: Ahjulõhe koore ja sinepiga 4,90/3,90
Sealihaguljašš 3,90/2,90
Taimetoit: Nuudli-seenevorm 3,70/2,70
Magustoit: Sidrunimousse 1,90


Supp: Kana-kookosesupp 2,20
Praad: Paneeritud sealiha 4,90/3,90
Värskekapsa-hakklihahautis 3,90/2,90
Taimetoit: Juustušnitsel 3,70/2,70
Magustoit: Kohupiima-rosinakreem 1,90


Supp: Minestrone 2,20
Praad: Azuu 4,90/3,90
Koorene kalkunikaste 3,90/2,90
Taimetoit: Kreemjas riis rohelise herne ja sibulaga 3,70/2,70
Magustoit: Krõbe ahjumaius vaniljekastmega 1,90


Supp: Koorene kalasupp 2,20
Praad: Hakkliha-küüslauguvorstikesed 4,90/3,90
Maksastrooganov 3,90/2,90
Taimetoit: Ratatouille 3,70/2,70
Magustoit: Virsikutarretis 1,90


Supp: Köögivilja-viinerisupp 2,20
Praad: Eskalop seenekastmega 4,90/3,90
Sitsiilia kanapada 3,90/2,90
Taimetoit: Köögiviljalasanje 3,70/2,70
Magustoit: Mustikasupp kohupiimaga 1,90
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Restoran Von Sackenmeck is a cozy eatery with a separate entrance on the basement floor of the manor, where delicious daily meals are served.

The restaurant can also be rented for events and gatherings outside the opening hours.

Our two halls have a total of 54 seats.

Additional information and table reservations:
or fill out the table booking form

We offer daily menu on workdays from Mon – Fri 11:30 to 14:00

Banquet menu and services

Dear Guest!

Our menu selection is very wide and according to your wishes we make a personal offer for each event!

Ask for an offer at or call + 372 522 6068.

The menu includes:

– handcrafted bread and flavored butter made in the manor
– ice water, coffee and tea
– table settings and service

Meals are served according to your request: either as a buffet (included), in bowls on tables or A la Carte service.
Please also ask for our vegetarian and vegan menus if you wish!