1500 -1600

In 1513, Claus Hans’s son Tödwen sold the Saku Manor to Claus Mekes.

The first clues about the manor’s buildings can be found in the will of Claus Mekes. In 1529, Claus Mekes (Mecks) made a will, dividing his estate between his three sons and his wife. Claus junior was assigned the Saku Manor, which was not to fall into the hands of strangers. In October of the same year, Diedrich Mekes, the son of Claus, relinquishes his inheritance and hands it over to his brother Claus.

In 1538, the other brothers Johann and Evert also gave up their inheritance. This way, Claus Mekes Junior got hold of Saku Manor as a whole.

In accordance with a will made by Claus Mekes junior in 1561, his son Johann Mekes acquired the Saku Manor. For the rest of his life, Johann had to live with his mother Magdalena Wrangel in Saku and take care of his two sisters Dorothea and Maie.