1900 – 2000

In 1905, as a result of the riots, most of the manor’s auxiliary buildings were destroyed in fires. The manor lands were nationalised with the establishment of the Republic of Estonia in 1919 and the manor was transferred from the Baggehufwudts. Pursuant to the civic land reform, which was adopted by the Constituent Assembly on 10 October 1919, Saku Manor was also subject to transfer. The notification of the transfer of the manor was sent on 23 June 1920 to Valerian Baggo, the owner of Saku Manor. The documentation of the transfer of Saku was completed only in the spring of 1924. Valerian Baggo had died in the meantime. At the same time, most of Saku’s inventory was sold to local residents.

After World War I, Saku Manor has been used for very different purposes – a home economics school or the so-called Brides’ School (since 1924), Uuemõisa Agricultural School (since 1944), Saku Technical College of Land Management and Soil Improvement (since 1948), Estonian Institute of Agriculture

(since 1960), a kindergarten, the Saku rural municipality government, an apartment building, and the Saku rural municipality library.